The Studio

Studio 100 Animation is one of Europe’s leading animation production companies. Their dedication to producing outstanding quality animation content for all media platforms (movies, series, webisodes…) has garnered global success.


To date, their Flagship titles are Maya the bee, Heidi, Vic the Viking and Arthur & the Minimoys,  all of which are broadcast around the world.

OUR team


Managing director

Katell’s movie and television production career started in 1995 at Gaumont and ever since then she’s been sailing the seven seas of animation. She worked as Producer for Gaumont Multimedia, Animakids and Xilam Animation before being appointed Deputy General Manager of Xilam Animation. In 2010, Katell became Managing Director and Executive Producer of Studio 100 Animation where she produced some of the most popular kid's TV shows including the cult animation series Maya the Bee, Heidi, Vic the Viking and Arthur and the Minimoys. Katell is largely responsible for Studio 100 Animation’s continued growth, creative excellence and valued collaborations with the most prestigious partners around the world. 

Emmanuelle CHABORD


Emmanuelle Chabord joined Studio100 Animation in 2010 as CFO and was appointed COO in September 2018 to oversee both production and support functions. She has 20 years of global experience in 2D and 3D animation business behind her through previous careers at Chaman Productions and Xilam Animation where she met and worked with Katell France. She graduated from Audencia Business School in 1998 (accounting/cost control) and has the first degree in chartered accountancy (DECF).


Creative Director

A graduate of the famed school ‘Les Arts Décoratifs’ (ENSAD), Jérôme is a highly experienced 2D and 3D animation director, with well over 300 episodes of popular award-winning TV shows to his name. They include the entire original animated series Code Lyokô, broadcast in over 130 countries, Lou! (official selection at the Annecy festival 2009) and Sherlock Yack. He joined Studio 100 Animation in 2012 where he directed Heidi (first season) and Maya the Bee (second season). He is currently directing the second season of the adventures of Heidi. He wears two hats at Studio 100 Animation, since he was also appointed Creative Director of the studio in 2018. 

Olivier NOMEN

Business Affairs

A graduate in finance and business administration, Olivier has been active in the animation industry since 1994. He began as financial controller at Dupuis Audiovisuel, the animation company of Editions Dupuis, a major European comics' publishing group where he successively occupied the positions of Business Affairs, Managing Director of the production studio and Executive Producer. Consultant since 2007, Olivier has been acting as Associate Producer and Legal and Business Affairs for several French and Belgian production companies. He joined Studio 100 Animation in 2010 as Legal & Business Affairs where he oversees the financing and co-productions of the studio projects.

Quentin AUGER

Technical Director

Quentin is an Industrial Design Engineer from U.T.C. turned 3D animator after getting hooked on CGI technologies in the automotive industry and going back to school at Gobelins Animation School in the late 90’s. Since then, his engineering background must have taken over since he quickly became as excited at the technical aspects of 3D animation, as he was with the animation job itself. He has a lot of experience in a wide range of jobs from Animator, to Rigger, to Rigging Sup, to Pipeline TD and Sup and in many different studios in a handful of countries like France, Germany and the USA (at Industrial Light & Magic, LucasFilm group in San Francisco). He also taught at Gobelins School and gave conferences on rigging at Disney Animation Studios. Since 2011, he is Studio 100 Animation’s Head of Technology, dealing with the internal and external 3D and 2D animation pipeline considerations along with our CG sups, our R&D Department, our Real Time Lab (VR) and partner studios and institutions.


CG Supervisor

Fabrice is an animation old-timer: he started in the animation industry in 1990 at Ex Machina where he worked on commercials, video clips, feature film vfx and 3D ride movies. He started learning on the job with modelling and layout and then trained in animation and lighting. As a free-lance he was involved in many projects for TV series, animation and vfx feature films in various major studios (Duran Duboi, Fantôme, Mac Guff, Mikros Animation, Passion Pictures, Sparx), holding different positions from animation supervisor to CG supervisor. He joined Studio 100 Animation in 2013 to play a cross-cutting role on all of the studio's productions, as well as to provide pipeline design and process improvements in collaboration with the R&D department. 

Nadine MOMBO

Line Producer

Twenty years ago, Nadine started in the French CGI company Sparx as production supervisor on various projects: series, features, direct-to-video and institutional programs. She also has wide experience working with different cultures, including managing a TV show in Vietnam. She then broadened her working palette from strictly CGI to include 2D animation and she subsequently line-produced three features Kirikou, A Long Way North and Funan. These last two movies received awards at the Annecy festival. Before working in the animation industry, Nadine worked in an art environment for a communication agency, Agenda, advising such prestigious clients as the British Museum, the Tate, the National Gallery or the V&A. In 2015 Nadine joined Studio 100 Animation to take charge of two GCI productions: Arthur and the Minimoys, the TV series, and Vic the Viking, the feature film. 

Jean-François RAMOS

Line producer

Having graduated from Montpellier business school in 1997, Jean-François started in the animation industry as second & first assistant director at Xilam Animation in 1999 on cult TV series such as Oggy & the CockroachesLucky Luke and Mr. Baby. He then worked as first assistant director at Alphanim (now Gaumont Animation) on Santapprentice and Robotboy 2. He joined Studio 100 Animation in 2008 where he naturally gravitated towards production management and he is currently line producer on TV series such as Maya the Bee Season 1 & 2 and Heidi Season 1 & 2. A true animation enthusiast, he recently developed the VR and Digital department at Studio 100 Animation.

Alexandra JUSTAUD

Junior Line Producer

After graduating from the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués (LISAA) in 2007, Alexandra started her career in animation at 4.21 Production as a color background designer on the series Samson et Néon. Drawn to project management, she joined the production team, first as an assistant but was quickly promoted to production coordinator on Miniloup and the Crumpets series. She then joined Studio 100 Animation in 2014 and worked on the series Heidi before taking over production management for Nils HolgerssonMaya 2nd season and Heidi 2nd season. Alexandra has recently been promoted to Junior Line Producer. 


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