STUDIO100 ANIMATION offers 2D and CG animation services for multiple media and formats.


Our expert skills set includes:

  • Directing / Storytelling / Storyboarding / Animatic
  • Designs (all graphic styles) / Assets building in 2D and CGI 
  • Characters sets and props modeling / Rigging and texturing
  • 2D Layout (line & color) / CG Layout/Previz
  • Animation (all styles) / Effects, motion designs
  • Lighting, rendering, compositing
  • Editing

Studio 100 Animation has always invested heavily in R&D, developing faster and better functioning tools, keeping the artistic input at the core of its process. Our R&D team custom designs state-of-the-art pipelines, creating a distinctive visual look and guaranteeing a high level of productivity.



France offers an attractive incentive tax credit of 30% of the qualifying expenses incurred in France to a maximal amount of 30 M$ per project;


Broadcasters and Licensing Partners

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